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  1. myri-chan Jul 26, 2015

    Hello everyone ^.^/
    A lil tribute to this awesome group :)

    Link I


    Link II


    Link III

  2. Fujiupoma Jul 28, 2012

    whats up guys?y so silent?

  3. melymay Jul 22, 2012

    Thank you c:

  4. Fujiupoma Jul 21, 2012

    Quote by melymayWelcome :)
    Yeah, I still need to work on the layout too. It's frustrating when you want to make things pretty, but you can't D:

    its really nice.good job!if i had done something like this it would have been much messier!

  5. melymay Mar 26, 2012

    Welcome to TC! :)

  6. jakuro Nov 22, 2011

    Hey! I think this group is really interesting, I look forward to actually being a part of it. I'm not really at liberty to talk about anything too personal but I love to give advice from my life experiences and hear the tales of others' transgressions and positive outcomes.

    I know how to fiddle with the colors of CSS layouts if you need any help, however I'm not too great at making headers fit right :P My own layout is the same size as the original minitokyo skin >>

  7. superkabog Jun 04, 2011

  8. melymay Nov 27, 2010

    Welcome :)
    Yeah, I still need to work on the layout too. It's frustrating when you want to make things pretty, but you can't D:

  9. A-413 Nov 27, 2010

    8d how has everyone beeeennnn? *tackles mely-ly* :3
    wow i see my image in the gallery @A@ *runs around in circles spins*
    this place needs a layout to give it a swift kick back to lifeeee.
    im still working on the layout decoding thingy. >3< )

  10. superkabog Nov 02, 2010

  11. melymay Oct 09, 2010

    Yeah, I know xD TC has hit a blip of inactivity. But it's all good. Thanks for dropping by.

    Love just happens I guess. I still haven't found a man yet D: I'm in my last year of high school too. It's nerve racking, but hopefully I'll get through it alright. Don't worry too much about your BF's mom too much. She'll soften up once she realizes that you make her son happy in ways that can't.

  12. weird12u Aug 30, 2010

    Hey guys, wow i still see my old posts o.o

    life's grand, i am very happy right now, nd taken (who could of forseen this?) it's been a year now and i love him. I am a senior this year and school starts in 2 days but i am not excited for it. my teacher is also my boyfriends mom and she rides me hard in school as means of getting back at me for the fact i am dating her "innocent" son. I have been seeing my friend Adrianna lately and seeing her baby (shes 19 + married) we have been playing board games for fun.

    right now my boyfriends grounded and we are trying to sneak out, but since my mom thuroghly checks to see if i am there i asked and she said i have till one.. which isnt enough time.. but hopefully things work out

  13. melymay Jan 24, 2010

    Hi :3

  14. simply-5th-heirloom Jan 23, 2010

    hello to all...

    i just passed by for a hi to all members and

    to all who happen to join this group...

  15. melymay Jun 30, 2009

    Drama is everywhere unfortunately.

    merged: 11-23-2009 ~ 05:32am
    Reply to the Question of the Moment:
    I was heading into Dollarama, and before I walked in a guy asked me for money. The only thing I was buying at the store was a candy bar, so when I walked out I gave the guy some of my change.

  16. weird12u May 15, 2009

    ha ha ha i know drama sucks too =P but for some reason i have it... ah ha ah ha ah ha

  17. melymay May 02, 2009

    It's good to have a guy that respects your space :D You sure have a lot of drama in your life. I hope things turn out well.

    I still have a month before I have to worry about exams. Just thinking about it just makes me all nervous and worried :S I just hope I'm able to pass.

  18. weird12u Apr 27, 2009

    Zack is really really good.. he gives me my space, and respects me enough to not grope me constantly. he is 19 though, so we are waiting till i am 16 to do anything because i would hate to get him in trouble. he told me he didn't care so i had to tell him i do. He always wants to be with me it is so cute sometimes. He makes his best friend Anthony drive him to my house whenever they get gas.

    =) and i am not forced to do anything <3 only problem is Anthony likes me.. not as much as Zack since he is on the brink of stinkin loving me... but i can tell by the way Anthony looks at me that he likes me.. @.@ i am never perfect

    so it's around exam time, are you crammed with stuff?

  19. melymay Apr 26, 2009

    Forced into marriage?

    Life has been really hectic for me these days. My slacking has finally caught up to me, so now I'm devoting more of my time in doing homework.

    So how are you and Zack coming along?

  20. weird12u Apr 16, 2009

    yea i know i did not believe it either.. he is calling me asking for his forgivness and all he did was tell the truth... and it is more we are forced into marriage rather than i want to... he does, but he is weird and the only reason he is not fighting it is because no girls like him, but i did (gosh look how that turned out) but thank you for the negativity.. i was like that once then for some reason i became soft... so i am back to normal THANK YOU! but yea michael left me for felysha and now i am onto zack.... because he says he likes me a lot so i am going to try it out.. he is nice, but how are you?

  21. melymay Apr 14, 2009

    Don't ask yourself what your problem is - there's nothing wrong with you.

    I think I should have brought this up earlier, but you seemed pretty happy with how things were going between you and him. I didn't want to be a killjoy, but I guess I'll say it now. It's not like I don't believe that people can find genuine love at any age but . . . when you mentioned his promises to you about marriage, I couldn't help but think 'BS -- too good to be true -- how naive.' I guess it's just my negativity here, but promises like that just seem so ridiculous to me.

    All you can do is move on. A guy like that doesn't deserve your tears or your pain.

  22. weird12u Apr 09, 2009

    psh i i wish it was haha =P

    merged: 04-14-2009 ~ 07:38pm
    so ummm..... my boyfriend just left me telling me he was gay.... he left me for a dude..... ugh this is so passed my mental capacity right now it's not even funny... and he throws it at me about how much better he was then me.. i never got to see him as much as he sees his boyfriend... he even takes plain rides to see him. he has never done that for me EVER the whole 2 years we were together i never got to see him.... i am so pissed.. what is wrong with me?

  23. melymay Apr 05, 2009

    No grass?! :O Moss sounds nice, but no grass? That's probably a little depressing. I thought living on an island would be a bit nicer.

  24. weird12u Apr 03, 2009

    my place has tall trees.... really tall trees. i guess it is pretty but there is no grass... all there is is stupid moss... it a temperate rainforest and it is very wet.... i get tired of the wetness... i would trade you

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